We’re the experts in custom bike share.

Zagster provides bicycle sharing systems for the world’s leading businesses and institutions. We design, build, and operate solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs and provide a great rider experience.

Why you’ll love Zagster

We provide everything.


Fun, comfortable, safe, and easy for anyone to ride. Each bike is equipped with 7 gears, front and rear lights, a bell, and a convenient front basket. Fenders and a chain guard keep riders looking clean.


Maximum security, minimum space. 3 points of contact include a wheel well to keep bikes organized and upright. Versatile installation options allow infinite expandability.

Sharing Technology

Riders can unlock, ride, and return any bike with just their own mobile phones – using our app or text message. It’s all automated on the bike, no expensive kiosks required.


Leave the wrenching to us. Our on-site mechanics provide routine maintenance to keep your fleet in top form. If anything breaks, they’ll be on the spot to fix it.

24/7 Rider Support

Our support representatives are available around the clock to keep riders rolling smoothly. Contact your dedicated account manager if anything comes up.

Network Management

We monitor extensive data about your bike share to ensure your success. Whether you’re tracking metrics or just curious, we provide full access to reporting through an online dashboard.


Zagster carries industry-standard insurance coverage. Liability concerns won’t roadblock your people from riding.


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